Rick Fischer

When I first heard the sound of the Holy Slow Train
Clanging its steel wheels down the track to my brain
The sigh of a lost soul in its whistle at night
I said "Lord will you wake me when my station's in sight?"

-- from "Holy Slow Train" by Rick Fischer 1957-2012

Rick Fischer's first love: music.
By day, he was a physician, but late into the night, he followed his muse wherever it led him.
Rick was a composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumental musician. His musical styles ranged from traditional country and standards, to his own musical compositions.
Rick at work in his home studio
Rick at work in his home studio
Gentle melodic passages coaxed lovingly from the soul of an upright piano and sometimes he raving wild thrash of an electric guitar. He accompanied his country songs with a warm acoustic guitar or with vibrant piano cadences. But Rick could also pick up his guitar and unleash screaming rock and roll compositions. Rick followed wherever the muse led him.
Rick recorded many of his musical journeys, and accumulated a massive archival library over the years, dating from his college days to the year 2012. Rick was taken by pancreatic cancer in 2012. He created a web site to enhance his bookings. His musical performances, audio and video, are preserved on the present web site. Links to the various sections are below.
Rick at work in his home studio
Rick at work in his home studio
Last year, 2012, Rick decided to make his raw archival recordings available on his web site as well as the finished pieces. Unfortunately, he did not live to see this dream fully realized. But his sister has decided to continue the work that Rick started, and the 1,993 archival recordings are now available on this web site.
Please - listen to some of the selections, download them if you wish, and, if you are a musician, you are welcome to borrow from the ideas. This is what Rick wanted - to become someone's muse. Rick sincerely hoped that someone would continue his work, inspired by the ideas he has discovered.
Rick at work in his home studio
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It was always about the music.
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